My bike: Bianchi SL3

Bianchi SL3

So here it is, my bike. I got this one in 2003 when my very first road bike which was also a Bianchi developed a crack in the frame. The shop here in France was good enough to change the frame despite it being out of guarantee , and even let me upgrade to an SL3 from an ML.

Back in 2003, the bike had all the parts from the old bike put on it, namely a mix of Campag Veloce, Mirage and even Avanti parts. Over the years from then I have upgraded it everywhere. The groupset is now all Record or Chorus, and I bought some new wheels in 2004, Campag Neutrons. In fact the only original parts from that old bike is the handlebars and the seat post (the seat post in the picture is a campag chorus but I have put back the old seatpost as I couldn’t get the postition right with the chorus one).

It has served me very well this bike, I’ve done all my cyclosportifs on it, including La Marmotte, and all in all, in about 3.5 years I have ridden it 21000km. It probably has just the one cyclo left in it; Sundays 1000 Bosses, after which my new Cervélo should be here, and this bike will from then on be known as my winter / training / trainer / spare bike.


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